Digital Editing | Course MD 502

Lecturer | M. Kallenberger
Teaching Assistant | Abla Mohamed


	•  You have a chance to redo just ONE assignment and submit it till wednesday 16 DEC 11:00 pm

	•  The deadline for the bonus assignments is postponed till wednesday 16 DEC 11:00 pmBonus Assignments are out of 10% each maximum.

	•  The presentation schedule is modified please check it carefully.

"I do not think that the only way to make films is to begin at the beginning and end at the end as if it is a huge scene. Personally, I prefer a method that conceives each scene as a small film itself." Jean Renoir

Course Outline:

The Digital Editing Course is an introduction in the fundamental techniques and concepts of Digital Video Editing and Visual Storytelling. Students will get introduced into the basic editing principles as well as into the history of editing, montage and visual storytelling.

The concept of visual storytelling will be explored and analyzed within various time­based media applications with the emphazis on the inter­relation of image, sound and time. The course will guide students through the whole process of video editing starting with media management, the developement of narrative strategies to image sequencing and story continuity, the use and effect of sound and end with an introduction to different post-production techniques like color correction, filters, subitles etc. Students will learn to apply these concepts and methods to their own digital video projects to create unique visual stories with the use of digital technology.


01 Assignment: Cinemagraph (create 3 cinemagraphs correlated to one another) Helpful online tutorials to create a Cinemagraph in: After Effects http://vimeo.com/48936672 or Photoshop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKA4cqv0IjE or download Cinemagraph Tutorial pdf

02 Assignment: Clipbox (create a clip for a beatbox or electro-accustic soundtrack) Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0_2vmkTmf0 use the sound and interpret it with your visuals. Individual or in Groups min. 30 sec. per person.

03 Assignment: Short Poetry Film (create a poetry film, where you visualize a poem of your choice) You should film it yourself and record the sound yourself, you may use subtle music only and it shouldn't cover the entire track. Individually 2 minutes minimum, Groups of 3-4 around 4 minutes or more.

Bonus Assignment: Write an essay about a film of your choice that is a part of the Panorama of The European Film Festival or the Cairo Film Festival (500 Words, focusing on the cinematic style)

Bonus Assignment: Recreate a significant scene from one of the films on the list below. (30 seconds to 1 minute. Could be in groups.)

Cinematic Style & Editing Techniques Research Presentation:

Students will have to watch the whole film and select 5 scenes to explain the cinematic style and editing technique. Presentation: 10-15 minutes, submit Handout pdf 1-2 pages with a summary, plus screenshots of each scene and explanation of the cinematic style in bullet points PLUS your references (minimum 5 relevant references: wikipedia is not considered a relevant resource) via email.

	•	Citizen Kane (1941) – Editor: Robert Wise, Director: Orson Welles
	•	Playtime (1967) –  Editor: Gérard Pollicand, Director: Jaques Tati
	•	Raging Bull (1980) – Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker, Director: Martin Scorsese
	•	Where do we go now? (2011) – Director: Nadine Labaki
	•	Solaris (1972) – Editor: Lyudmila Feiginova, Director: Andrei Tarkovsky, 
	•	Sans Soleil (1983) – Editor: Chris Marker, Director: Chris Marker
	•	Apocalypse Now (1979) – Editor: Walter Murch, Director: Francis Ford Coppola
	•	Memento (2000) – Editor: Dody Dorn, Director: Christopher Nolan
	•	Psycho (1960) – Editor: George Tomasini, Director: Alfred Hitchcock
	•	Lawrence of Arabia (1962) – Editor: Anne V. Coates, Director: David Lean
	•	Bonnie and Clyde (1967)  – Editor: Dede Allen, Director: Arthur Penn
	•	A Space Odyssey (1968) – Editor: Ray Lovejoy, Director: Stanley Kubrick
	•	City of God (2002) – Editor: Daniel Rezende, Director; Fernando Meireilles
	•	Flashdance (1983) – Editor: Bud Smith, Walt Mulconery, Director: Adrian Lyne
	•	Fargo (1996) – Editor: Roderick Jaynes, Director: Joel and Ethan Coen
	•	Moonrise Kingdom (2012) – Editor: Andrew Weisblum, Director: Wes Anderson
	•	Adaption (2002) – Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen, Director: Spike Jonze 
	•	Close-Up (1990) – Editor: Abbas Kiarostami, Director: Abbas Kiarostami
	•	Elephant (2003) – Editor: Gus Van Sant, Director: Gus Van Sant
	•	The Land (1969) – Editor:  Rashida Abdel Salam, Director: Youssef Chahine
	•	About Elly (2009) – Editor: Hayedeh Safiyari, Director: Asghar Farhadi
	•	Last Year at Marienbad (1961) – Editor: Jasmine Chasney, Henri Colpi, Director: Alain Resnais
	•	Yojimbo (1961) – Editor: Akira Kurosawa, Director: Akira Kurosawa
	•	Pulp Fiction (1994) – Editor: Sally Menke, Director: Quentin Tarantino	
	•	The Departed (2006) – Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker, Director: Martin Scorsese
	•	The Darjeeling Limited (2007) – Editor: Andrew Weisblum, Director: Wes Anderson	
	•	A clockwork orange (1971) – Editor: Bill Butler, Director: Stanley Kubrick
	•	One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (1975) – Editor: Sheldon Kahn, Lynzee Klingman, Director: Milos Forman
	•	The Mummy (1969) – Editor: Kamal Abou-El-Ella, Director: Shadi Abdel Salam
	•	The Aquarium (2008) – Editor: Mona Rabei, Director: Yousry Nasrallah
	•	Cairo 30 (1966) – Director: Salah Abu Seif
	•	The Nightingale's Prayer (1959) – Director: Henry Barakat
	•	My Winnipeg (2007) – Editor: John Gurdebeke,  Director: Guy Maddin

References to use for research:

	•	Montage. Sam Rohdie, Manchester University Press, Manchester: 2006
	•	Fine Cuts - The Art of European Film Editing. Roger Crittenden, Focal Press, 2006
	•	In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing. Walter Murch, Foreword by Francis Ford Coppola, Silman-James Press 2001
	•	http://www.sensesofcinema.comhttp://www.filmsite.org/bestfilmediting.htmlhttp://www.tasteofcinema.com/
	•	Every Frame a Painting https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjFqcJQXGZ6T6sxyFB-5i6Ahttp://learnaboutfilm.com
	•	film sound http://www.filmsound.org
	•	sound design http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/sound-design-101-making-your-film-sound-great/

Rules in Class

1. Attendance of the 1st slot counts for both slots

2. Whoever is more than 15 minutes too late – no attendance

3. No leaving of the class in-between: not for toilet, a phone call, water etc. All this you can do in the break. If you leave: No attendance.

4. No food or mobile in class.

5. If you don´t present anything at the Work in Progress Presentation – zero points. Same for the Final Presentation.

6. If you can´t make it to the class for medical reasons, let me and Abla know at least one day in advanced 6pm via GUC mail, same for presentations.


1. All practical assignments 50% of the overall grade (Presentation, Concept, Aesthetics, Complexity (effort), Creativity, "packaging" (proper Format & Credits)

2. Presentation and Handout (pdf) on Cinematic Style & Editing Technique 25%

3. Class Work / Work in Progress 25%

4. Assignments have to be submitted between 10-10:30 on the day of the presentation (Final / Work in Progress) to Abla on a USB-Stick.

Date Topic Presentation
SEP 15/16 Introduction
01 Assignment: Cinemagraph
Cinemagraph Tutorial
Triptych PDF
No Presentations
SEP 29/30 Cinemagraph // Work in Progress TUESDAY
• Citizen Kane // Youssef Adly

• Yojimbo // Nouran Waheed
• Playtime // Mariam Atef
• Memento // Sondos Tarek
• Lawrence of Arabia // Aya El Sayed
• Pulp Fiction // Mahnaz Aziz

OCT 06/07 Group 1
Cinemagraph // Final Presentation
02 Assignment: Clipbox
Group 2
No Presentations

• Fargo // Lina Fakahany
• A Clockwork Orange // Salma Magdy
• Apocalyps Now // Omar Khaled

OCT 13/14 Group 1
Group 2
Cinemagraph // Final Presentation
• About Elly // Noura Abdel Rahman

• The Darjeeling Limited // Omnia Magdi
• Cairo Station // Aya Ahmed
No Presentations

OCT 20/21 MIDTERM EXAMS // NO CLASS No Presentations
OCT 27/28 Group 1
Clipbox // Work in progress presentation
Group 2
Clipbox // Work in progress presentation
• Lawrence of Arabia // Heba Badawy

• Pulp Fiction // Reem Akl
• Last Year at Marienbad // Aya Wahsh
• The Departed // Abdel Rahman El Dash
• Moonrise Kingdom // Rawa Kamal
• Playtime // Yehia Fahim

NOV 03/04 Clipbox // Final Presentation
03 Assignment: Poetry Film
• Blue Elephant // Omneya Serry
• City of God // Matab Khaled
• Where do we go now? // Raghda Khaled
• Adaptation // Adham Awad
• Breathless // Abdel Rahman Mostafa
• City of God // Abdel Rahman El Kadi
NOV 10/11 Poetry Film // Work in progress: Poem, Concept in 300 words & Mood board
Color Manipulation Tutorial
• Fargo // Salwa El-Nahal

• Memento // Malak Gehad
• My Winnipeg // Mariam Tarek
• Sans Soleil // Salma El Serafy
• About Elly // Tasneem Tawakol

NOV 17/18 Poetry Film // Work in progress: Rough Edit TUESDAY
• Saul Bass // Eman Zohdy

• Psycho // Omar El Shimy
• The Land // Habeeba Tarek
• Sans Soleil // Shahd El Shaarawy
• A Space Odyssey // Salma Hany
• Psycho // Noor Emad
• Last Year at Marienbad // Maram Amr

NOV 24/25 Poetry Film // Work in progress: Finalized Edit
Sound Tutorial
• Nostalghia // Mariam Ammar
• Persepolis // Trevina Wasfi
• The Departed // Nabil Khaled
• The Darjeeling Limited // Nada FelaeFel
• Wait Until Dark // Yasmin khaled
• Raging Bull // Alii Hany
DEC 01/02 Poetry Film // Final Presentation (including credits, color correction and sound refining) TUESDAY
• Bonnie and Clyde // Malak Akef
• A Space Odyssey // Alia El Mazni
• Flashdance // Dina Salah
• Solaris // Fady Fayez
• Where do we go now? // Besan Mahmoud
DEC 08/09 LAST CLASS // Final Screening No Presentations