Course MD# Winter 2010/11

Digital Editing

Magdalena Kallenberger

"I do not think that the only way to make films is to begin at the beginning and end at the end as if it is a huge scene. Personally, I prefer a method that conceives each scene as a small film itself."
Jean Renoir

Cairo Rhythms – The Chase

Group 1: Sunday, 08:30am in C2-209
First appointment: September 26, 2010

Group 2: Thursday, 08:30am in C2-209
First appointment: September 23, 2010

The Course "Digital Editing" supports the project "Cairo Rhythms – The Chase" by distributing practical and theoretical basic informations in Cinematic Techniques, Digital Editing and Montage. By examining film excerpts combined with theoretical analyses students will depictively understand basic cinematic techniques such as mise-en-scène, composition, framing, camera positions and movements, editing, lighting, sound, and colour. The particular emphasis is on aquiring conceptional competence for directing as well as technical skills to set up, edit and finalize our own video projects using Final Cut Studio Pro.


Date Lecture Description References Group 1 Group 2
List all text pdfs 10 minute presentation / handout: 2 DIN A4 pages – including text, stills and references * Sam Rohdie, Montage, Manchester University Press 2006 Presentation List 1 Presentation List 2
Week 1 Camera Techniques Composing Pictures, Classifying Shots handout 01 Assignment/Minutes
Week 2 Camera Techniques Camera Movement Digital video production handbook Assignment/Minutes Assignment/Minutes
Week 3 Digital Editing Editing in Final Cut Pro / Introduction into to final cut assignment for both groups: check the videomaterial on the Macs@ Maclab (Dokuments/DE_class_material), choose 10 clips to create a 30s video telling a story. Extract some stills from the videos and prepare a storyboard (text+images) and present it in the next class meeting. Assignment/Minutes
Week 4 Digital Editing 180° Schema / Continuity / First Steps in Final Cut Pro edit your clip according to your storyboard Video Criteria
Week 5 Digital Editing Editing in Final Cut Pro assignment for group 2: read the texts Takeshi Kitano (1+2)

A) prepare a PRESENTATION: 1. structure the text 2. find examples, stills and video illustrating the text 3. extract quotes, phrases etc. explaining his editing techniques 4. make a list how you will structure and make the presentation 1 DIN A4 PAGE B) HANDOUT: apply the structure of your presentation on your handout including images, references etc. GIVE BOTH TO RANA ON SUNDAY (Group 2) so I have some time to look at it before our next class meeting.

presentation/handout Criteria
Week 6 Digital Editing Capturing and Transferring Footage ...
Week 7 Digital Editing Building the Rough Cut ...
Week 8 Digital Editing Trimming, Edit Points, Transition ...
Week 9 Digital Editing Final Presentation / Ass.2 ...
Week 10 Digital Editing Final Presentation / Ass.2 Work in Progress / Ass.3 (Trailer)
Week 11 Digital Editing Work in Progress / Ass.3 (Trailer) ...
Week 12 Digital Editing Final Presentation / Ass.3 (Trailer) ...