Course MD502

Digital Editing

Nina Stefanka| Winter 2009/10

This course will give an introduction into Digital Editing and the basics of Montage. With Final Cut Pro you will learn how to set up, edit and finalize your video projects.

Week Title Content
1 Introduction to Final Cut Pro Set up a Project
2 Basics of Digital Editing Capture and Edit, Tools, Do's and Dont's
3 Editing Techniques + History Continuity, Non-Continuity, Soviet Montage
4 Rhythm, Motion and Time Fast Motion, Slow Motion, Perception of Time
5 Color Correction The Blacks, Mids and Whites
6 Superimposing Clips Split Screen, Chroma Transparency Key, Fading Clips
7 Edit Text Titles, Intertitles, Subtitles, Credits
8 Editing Sound Primary Sound, On-/Off-voice, Sound Design, Music
9 Finalizing Project Output and Compression