Postproduction 2 (4 SWH)

Course MD702 Christian M. Fischer, A. El Kheir, Mikala Hyldig Dal

Group 1 | Thu. 14.15 - 17.30 | GD Room C3 121

Group 2 | Mon. 14.15 - 17.30 | Mac Lab

There are two phases to a movie. First you shoot the movie, and then you make the movie. Generally, post-production is longer than filming. Keenen Ivory Wayans

This course (formerly known as "Digital Compositing 2") is a project oriented execution of the techniques geathered in Postproduction 1 (formerly known as "Digital Compositing 1"). While working practically on the project new techniques and softwares will be explored.

As an outcome of this course, students will gain advanced knowledge of postproduction techniques and several specialized softwares and are able to use these skills in media design practice.

Keywords: Post Production, After Effects, Coloring, Green Screen, Tracking

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Week Content Assignment Infos
Sep26/29 Introduction - Semester overview - Grading - Course Weight Prepare presentation of recent works
Oct3 Presentation of student work from the past semester - Kick off viral marketing project Concepts for viral marketing campagne Check out, Link 1 and Link 2
Oct10/13 Presentation and discussion of viral marketing concepts - Presentation of last semester's work Make a tilt-shift image (jpg) and start shooting the Viral Movie Perspective Control Lens
Oct17/20 Project Group Supervision Work on Viral Marketing Project Uncle Seth on viral marketing
Oct24/27 Viral Marketing Supervision (individual meetings in C3-124) Work on Viral Marketing Project Web Marketing Today, or got any Questions about AE? Need new ideas? Click here!
Oct31 Nov3 Presentation of Viral Marketing Film AND Kick off Final Assignment by Mikala - Presentations have to be prepared before the start! Presentation of the final assignment. Short assignment: Research of the visual marketing of political campaigns in the context of the upcoming elections. See pdf for details: All works have to be handed in during the course meeting! Films that are handed in later will face a significant reduction in grade!
Nov7/10 El Eid No Teaching
Nov14/17 No Teaching
Nov21/24 You want it you've got it:

the final assignment will be a motion graphics endeavor. At first though, please prepare a short research presentation concerned with the visual marketing of political campaigns in the context of the upcoming elections !This will be your last short-assignment and due on present date!

Presentation of research assignment / Analysis of visual strategies in the political sphere A motion graphics image-film for the (fictitious or real) political party/movement of your dreams or nightmares.
Nov28 Dec1 Activity Week Various Workshops
Dec5/8 Analysis of visual strategies in the political sphere / Working on the image film
Dec12/15 Interim Presentation of the image films (first 10 secs)
DEC 18 All Day individual meetings in my office c3 114
DEC 19/22 Presentation of your research on visual strategies in the political sphere !Be creative! ! Research presentation !
JAN 5 !All Day! individual meetings in my office c3 114 - Last day for support on your final projects before presentation
JAN 9/12 FINAL PROJECTS PRESENTATION Be prepared to stay until 7! !Bring all your research photos in high quality! (for a collective hard disc compilation)

IMPORTANT both groups: Please hand your viral assignment again to Ayman before Thursday. Any missing assignments will not be graded. The system of grading will close on Thursday, and we won't be able to update any grades.

Course weights: Final 50, Viral Marketing Assignment 25, Assignments 25