Course MD702 Winter 2010/11

Digital Compositing 2

Christian M. Fischer, Sara Kamel

"Always ask yourself: Does it look right?"
from an unknown master of digital compositing

Mon, 08:30am in MacLab C2-309
First appointment: September 27, 2010

"Digital compositing, as we are going to be discussing it, deals with the process of integrating images from multiple sources into a single, seamless whole. While many of these techniques apply to still images, we will be looking at tools and methods that are useful and reasonable for large sequences of images as well. Before we go any further, let s come up with a specific definition for what this is all about."

Digital Compositing: The digitally manipulated combination of at least two source images to produce an integrated result.

This course focuses the fact that true mastery of digital compositing includes both technical and artistic skills. It uses the known software tools from the previous semesters to simply create new compositons with still an moving images.

In the seminar we will discuss different theoretical approches and student examples, while the practical focuses on tools and practical exercises.

References and Textbooks


Date Lecture Christian Practical Sara Assignments Info
27.09. Introduction Historical Perspective Carte Blanche Kick Off PDF
04.10. Image Generation Lenses 1 Generate 3 images in 3 different file formats - handmade, computer generated, scanned
11.10. Color Manipulation Lenses 2 Colorist Workshop
18.10. Spatial Filters Light : Color 3 examples with at least 3 filters
25.10. Multisource Operators Light: Quality 3 examples with at least 3 operators
01.11 Revision Check out Blender Software, Find Movie for Final Assignment
08.11 WORKSHOP WITH ANDRE NEUMANN finish workshop assignment: composit 3D primitive into 5-10 sec. real footage Workshop PDF
15.11. Eid Holidays No teaching activity
22.11 Midterm Exams No teaching activity
29.11 Matte Creation and Manipulation / Time and Temporal Manipulations Light: Direction 2 keyed examples (one still and one moving image) and 1 time example
06.12. Image Tracking and Stabilization Light: Intensity Example of a short selfmade stabilized video sequence (After Effects)
13.12. Activity Week No teaching activity
20.12. Interface Interactions Workshop - Light I no assignment
27.12. No lecture ... WIKI documentation
03.01. Image Viewing and Analysis Tools Workshop - Light II Brief Image Analysis
10.01. Final Exam: Project Presentation 8.30h C2-309 Free ware for Animation (Rotoscoping), Synfig, KToon, Pencil

Click here for the Final Assignment Info PDF


Date Student Topic Student Topic
04.10. 13-2878 Omar Chapter 2 - Image Generation ... ...
11.10. 10-4861 Doaa Chapter 3 - Color Manipulation ... ...
18.10. 13-3766 Perihane Chapter 3 - Spatial Filters 22-2951 Philipp Project Presentation
25.10. 13-3298 Nora Chapter 4 - Multisource operators 13-1567 Yasmin Visual FX today
01.11. Revision
15.11. Eid Holidays No teaching activity
22.11. Midterm Exams No teaching activity
29.11. 13-3028 Yasmin Chapter 5 - Matte Creation and Manipulation 13-4682 Salma Chapter 6 - Time and Temporal Manipulations
06.12. 13-2400 Salma Chapter 7 Image Tracking 13-5070 Sherif Syntheyes Software
13.12. Activity Week No teaching activity
20.12. 10-1351 Mahmoud Chapter 8 - Interface Interactions 13-5330 Menna Particle generators in AE
27.12. no presentation free work no presentation free work
03.01. 13-2654 Christine Chapter 9 - Image Viewing and Analysis Tools 13-5979 Ghada Graphics in Max/MSP
Reports via PDF 13-1487 Engy Chapter 10 - Media, Resolution and Aspect Ratios 13-1042 Ehab Rotoscoping
Reports via PDF 13-0633 Rana Chapter 11 - Quality & Efficiency 13-5056 Mostafa Chapter 12 - Learning to see