Mohamed Hammad
Hend Esmat


Group 1 Tutorial: Wednesday 4th Slot.

Group 2 Tutorial: Thursday 2nd Slot.

Course Definition:

The introductory course to Digital Compositing will focus on the technical fundamentals and practical solutions of digital compositing.

Learning Outcome, Competences:

  • Standard technical background knowledge in the field of digital compositing.
  • Knowledge of various image manipulation processes.
  • Theory and Practice of Color-screen Lighting and Keying.
  • Using the toolset of Adobe After Effects to automate and enhance production-workflows.

Keywords: Postproduction, Compositing, Keying and Tracking, Animation for Postproduction.

Grade Evaluation:

1. Midterm: Preproduction Presentation: 50%

2. Final Project Movie (including presentation): 50%

Final Project Topic:

Create a 60sec film about yourself, expressing your hobbies, interests, or anything you consider a representation of your personality.

  • You must be in front of the camera!
  • You must use your own footage, illustrations, pictures… No clipart or google images are allowed and no copyrighted footages or music are allowed
  • Projects are individual, however you can bring people to help you out on set if you wish
  • Prepare the voice over/sound ahead for timing references while shooting
  • Files must be exported in H.264 and labeled like the following: StudentName_ID_Group_DC1_SS16

Assignment Guidelines:

1. Project Development (Preproduction) Presentation:

  • Storyboard of the final movie concept
  • Animatics
  • Prototype video + sound draft
  • Shooting plan as Pdf including: equipment, costumes...+ timing definition

2. Final Project Presentation:

  • Final Movie (60 sec)
  • Breakdown/Documentation of the process

Announcements and Deadlines:

1. Project Development (Preproduction) Presentation: 02.03.2016 + 03.03.2016
2. Shooting Days: Midterm Week -- Shooting Schedule
3. Final Project Presentation: to be announced
Late assignments will not be accepted

Digital Compositing Schedule:

Week 1 03/02/2016 + 04/02/2016 Introduction to Digital Compositing - Expressions in After Effects Introduction to Final Project topic and previous students examples Assignment: story concept + storyboard
Week 2 10/02/2016 + 11/02/2016 Green Screen Introduction: Lighting + Camera works

Class Slides

Shoot prototype in Green Room + overview on Animatics Enhanced storyboard + visual style definition
Week 3 17/02/2016 + 18/02/2016 -- Keylight Controls and special effects (Example: Juno) Animatic incl. a sound prototype + enhanced visual style definition
Week 4 24/02/2016 + 25/02/2016 -- 2D Tracking Record video „prototype“ + prepare presentation
Week 5 02/03/2016 + 03/03/2016 MIDTERM PRESENTATIONS Presentations Schedule Sign up for Midterm shooting schedule, organize recording demands, practice acting, etc.
Week 6 09/03/2016 + 10/03/2016 SHOOTING WEEK

Shooting Schedule

Week 7 16/03/2016 + 17/03/2016 Lighting in Ae Project Consultations Work on final project
Week 8 23/03/2016 + 24/03/2016 Color Correction and Color Grading Project Consultations Work on final project
Week 9 30/03/2016 + 31/03/2016 -- Project Consultations Work on final project
Week 10 06/04/2016 + 07/04/2016 -- Project Consultations Work on final project
Week 11 13/04/2016 + 14/04/2016 -- Project Consultations Work on final project
Week 12 20/04/2016 + 21/04/2016 -- Project Consultations Work on final project + Prepare final presentation