Spring 2011/12, Lecturer: Mikala Hyldig Dal, TA: Ayman Abou El Kheir

Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn't give you what you desire - it tells you how to desire [Slavoj Žižek]

In this course we will analyze how mainstream cinema and advertising visualize basic human emotions. We will work with found footage clips to deconstruct stereotyping, especially with regards to gender roles. Together we will create a collective archive of "perfect emotions" from cinematic history. We will consider how we as media practitioners can challenge such images, distort and (re)appropriate them; using primarily the compositing techniques of keying and collaging we will work conceptually and practically on adding ourselves into the iconic movie sequences.

Keywords: Cinematic history, visual clichés, Image analysis, Compositing, Artistic re-appropriation, digital collage / TOOLS: After Effects, Keying Techniques, Green screen

Group 1: Wednesday, 8:30am-12:00pm in C2-209
First appointment: 22 February

Group 2: Thursday, 08:30am-12:00pm in C2-209
First appointment: 23 February

Assignments lists:\\ Found footage archive of 10 movie clips (week 1 + 2), Moving images collage experiments (week 2 + 3), self-produced green-screen footage (week 4 + 5), Moving images collage experiments with found and personal images (week 6 + 7), Final Assignment: Moving images collage with found and personal green-screen footage (week 8 - 10), visual documentation of the work process (10 p.) and theory paper on the research findings (1 p.) (week 11 + 12)


Week Description Assignment Deadline
22/23 February Course Introduction & discussion / After effects tutorial: Keying+motion tracking / Screenings: Examples of moving image collages, introduction to Candice Breitz. Bring a short found footage movie extract depicting either: Disgust, Surprise, Excitement, Rage or Curiosity (max 20 sec.). The example can be taken from cinema or advertising.
29 February / 1. March We view and discuss the extracted emotions / After effects tutorial: Keying+motion tracking / Screening: Slavoj Žižek. Assignment 1 Found footage: 5 movie extracts of Happiness, Sadness, Love, Hate, Fear // Assignment 2 Practical exercise Group 1: Motion Tracking / Group 2: Motion tracking and keying. UPLOAD ALL FILES ON THE CLASS COMPUTER PRIOR TO CLASS
7/8 March Our archive is finished! We discuss the result. We look at the manipulated movie clips / After effects tutorial: Collage / Screening: Slavoj Žižek. Assignment 1: 5 movie extracts of: being good, being bad, being a woman, being a man. Assignment 2: Create a short movie clip combining a number of clips from our archive into one movie using keying.
14/15 March !! GREENBOXing !! Everyone gets 10 min solo-time in the green box; have your concept ready before we start: decide which movie clips will you be interacting with and practice your performance to perfection. NOTICE::YOUR GREENSCREEN CLIPS WILL BE AVAILABLE on the instructor computer in the maclab (documents> digital compositing).
21/22 March Its all about keying. You will free your green screen clips of their background and start experimenting with collaging. Make sure you complete at least 2 Keying tutorials before class.
28/29 March Concept presentations. Review of homeworks. CONCEPT for FINAL PROJECT (G1). Collage experiment (10 sec).
4/5 April Concept presentations. Project supervision. CONCEPT for FINAL PROJECT (G2). Preview: min. 10 secs of final project.
11 April Group 2: Project supervision (Group 1 off but will continue working)
18/19 April Technical support
26 April INTERIM PRESENTATIONS BOTH GROUPS 1st-3rd SLOT NB: Not showing and not showing up will result in a 25 percent deduction of your ENTIRE GRADE
2/3 May No Class (Activity week)
16/17 May Optional: Improving final projects on class OR working on a collective animated music video
23/24 May Optional: Improving final projects on class OR working on a collective animated music video / 11:30 Evaluation
June 7th COMPENSATION. Animation project group meets up in the drawing room 10-16 (with Mikala), the rest in the Maclab 2nd and 3rd slot (with Ayman).

Course weights: Final 50%, Assignments 30%, Classwork 20%