Christian M. Fischer

Head of Department / Lecturer

LECTURES 11/12Advanced Digital Media
 Script, Story, Storyboard
 Postproduction 2
 Pre Master Project
LECTURES 2011Sound
 Media Interventions 2
 Interface Design
LECTURES 10/11Hybrid Media
 Digital Compositing 2
 Media Interventions 2
 Interface Design
LECTURES 2010MD Project - Audio Podcast
 Media Interventions 1
LECTURES 09/10Digital Media 1
 Video Camera/Animation Techniques
 Digital Compositing 2
OFFICE HOURSThu 8.30 - 10.00

Field of Work
electro acoustics, grafic notation, interactive and spatial audio design, live electronics, intersections of audio and video.
Currently working on his PhD.
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Research Project
Formula Mundi Filmfest
Call for Compositions / Book Project

The Cairo Diary - Project