April 14, 2011, 8pm // SkypePerformance

Media Exploration about Intercorporality, Translocation and Third Body

>Lecture Performace April 07, 2011

As another experiment in the artistic research CairoRoundabout the violin player Harald Kimmig will improvise in the public space in Cairo on the loading area of a donkey cart with the singer Jan Kurth at T66 kulturwerk in Freiburg. The 30min performance will be moderated in Cairo by the media artist Daniel Fetzner and in Freiburg by the philosopher and psycho somatic Martin Dornberg.


"The simultaneous world of electric information is always lacking in visual connectedness and structured by resonant intervals. The resonant interval, as Heisenberg explains, is the world of touch, so that acoustic space is simultaneously tactile."

Marshall McLuhan

Actants Freiburg

  • T66 kulturwerk third floor; Skype connection with video projection and sound
  • Improvisation artist: Jan Kurth (Voice)
  • Moderation: Martin Dornberg
  • Technics and documentation: Katja Wahl with Stefan Reisinger
  • Audience

Actants Cairo

  • Donkey cart with gras at the South-Eastern suburbia of the metropolis;
  • Computer with skype connection, driver, donkey and environement
  • Improvisation artist: Harald Kimmig (Violin)
  • Moderation: Daniel Fetzner
  • Technics: Bernd Dudzik
  • Documentation: Julien Schmid, Sebastian Kraft, Mohamed Aboelwafa, Sara Elias, Ali Heraize, Ayman Abou El Kheir et.al.

Review by Marion Mangelsdorf (in German)