Nr. Lecturer Content Nr. of Students Preconditions
1. Juri von Krause/

H. Bornkamm

Film Sound

„Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound.“

David Lynch

The workshop will give students the opportunity to explore the possibilities of sound design, dialogue recording and editing, foley and sound mix. They can choose to enhance one one their own films, or to recreate the sound layer for a short piece of a commercial movie from scratch – maybe changing the perception entirely.

The workshop will be lead by experienced sound mixer and sound designer Juri von Krause who has been working in this field for more than 10 years, accomplishing projects with big names such as Oscar award winning director Davis Guggenheim, Oscar nominee Michael Ballhaus and many others.

max. 6 none / open to all

Reserve a place by sending an e-mail to

2. Sara Kamel Photogram

Type of photography produced without using a camera by placing an object on photosensitive paper and exposing it to light

An artistic more than technical photography type that requires some skills of design, the result is often surrealistic and abstract photos

Photo paper and processing chemicals will be used to develop the images.

max. 10 none / open to all

Reserve a place by sending me an e-mail, Mention your (full name–ID–semester).

3. Ludger Hennig / Robert Rehnig Soundart - programming and practice

The workshop will be divided into two parts. 1) Soundscape theory and recording practice and 2) Programming with SuperCollider.

The first part deals with the production of soundscapes and the work with microphones, editing and composing incl. a "sound walk" at GUC with Robert. In the second part Ludger will give an introduction into SuperCollider.

As an outcome, students will produce an artistic audio installation. Works in groups of two is appreciated.

max. 8 groups none / open to all

Reserve a place by sending me an e-mail, Mention your (full name–ID–semester).

start Sunday 10.30h

4. Hoda Hamouda Info-graphics in motion

Students will be asked to collect interesting info and statistics then visualize it in the form of info-graphics. Then they will be asked to animate it, after being introduced to the basic tools that allow them to visualize and put in motion information in after effects.

max. 8 for 6th semester students and up who are familiar with after effects and data visualization. Reserve by sending an e-mail including your name and semester to
5. Ayman Abou El Kheir Character design: Facial expressions

Following the set of character design workshops, this activity week will include another workshop specialized for facial expressions. face Muscles movement, shape deformation according to different emotional degrees, will be introduced while remaining the same character's parameters and volume.

max. 12 available for all students.

Priority will be for students who attended other character design workshops. being good at drawing figures is essential (doesn't have to be real figures). Reservation is Via mail. Name and semester should be included. Applicants should send 5 pieces of their work, included in their mail, showing different figures drawings.

 send to
6. Julien Schmid Creative writing workshop

From short story to poetry, with pens and photos, anything goes

max. 6 none / open to all

Sending me an e-mail on, Mention your (full name–ID–semester). First come first served.

7. Alex Essen QR code campaign

In this project we create and use QR codes in order to design a fictive, interactive advertising campaign. The following questions help us handle this media.

- What are QR-Codes? - What are their capabilities? - How to create and manipulate the codes? - How to graphical embed QR-Codes?

Outcome: Creating a QR-Code campaign

max. 10 none / open to all

Sending me an e-mail on, mention your (full name–ID–semester). First come first served.

8. John Hakiem Drama Practicing

Even from our regular talks and moves, Drama can be created. In this workshop we will practice dealing with the camera as an object in order to understand how to lead people within a film (actors, interviewers, ...)

max. 8 none / 4'th semester ,Sending an e-mail on, mention your (full name–ID). First come first served.
9. Mona Diab The making of
"a showreel"
A showreel, is not an archive of someone's work, it is a collage of small bits and pieces from all the work of any media designer. It reflects our capabilities, experiences, and most importantly our personalities. It should be fun to watch, therefore fun to do as well.

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to create their own showreels. Through experimenting with different types of animation, sound recordings, and montage, they will create their own collage of their work.

max. 6 open to all semesters

Each student should have at least 3 different work they have done before, to include in their showreel. Reserve a place by sending me an e-mail on, Mention your (full name–ID–semester). and link me to your work if you already have it online. First come first served.

10. Christian M. Fischer Sound Spatialization

In this workshop we will explore the plossibilities of sound spatialization in realtime.

Students will have the opportunity to create sounds and make them move in space. We will use for instance Max/MSP, Wii controllers, the WOO!Boards to controll the sounds and four discrete audio channels/speakers as an output.

max. 6 open to all semesters

Reserve a place by sending me an e-mail, Mention your (full name–ID–semester).

start Sunday 10.30h

11. Mikala Hyldig Dal ELECTRO MOVES - Experimental Music Video

Motion Graphics >> In this workshop we will work on the visualization of electronical sounds and music.

Our method will be a "Chinese whisper" game, exchanging moving/graphic files between participants as well as between analogue and digital spheres; We will be merging analogue animation methods like stop mo with advanced computer effects in AE. The aim is to create a professional production that we can bombard the international festivals with. Open for students and staff specialized in graphic and/or animation. Workshop is set in the Drawing Room, bring tools, technique and ideas.

max. 6 open to all semesters

Participation only through application!! Send your moving/graphics/animation portfolio to