Activity Week Winter 2011/2012

Nr. Lecturer Content Nr. of Students Preconditions
1. Taavi Kerikmae and Christian M. Fischer Improvisation Principles and Techniques for Design

The Workshop gives an introduction into improvisation, it’s techniques and how it can be used for design purposes. As an outcome students will apply their knowledge by improvising a graphic notation for musicians.

max. 12 none / open to all
2. Magdalena Kallenberger and Henriette Bornkamm and Suzy Joseph "Women and Work" Professional Story Development and Application Training

Within the activity week we will develop several ideas on the topic "Women and Work in Egypt" and elaborate the most promising one's. If granted the short films will be realized in summer semester 2012 as a collaboration of GUC students, staff members and film professionals.

5-10 Media Design Student 7th semester onwards

- Application via email with a brief proposal/concept till 23.11.2011 at

3. Julien Schmid Creative writing workshop

From short story to poetry, with pens and photos, anything goes

max. 8 none / open to all
4. Jochen Braun and Hala Gabr A touch of code – Graphic Design influenced by Generative Design

The workshop is a small introduction of the programming language Processing. The main focus of the workshop is to give an insight of how Generative Design can influence the visual language of type, color, shape and pictures. As an outcome students will be able to understand and apply basic computer generated graphical-effects on graphical resources.

max. 10 No programming background knowledge needed, only a laptop and a mouse. The outcome is graphic design related.
5. Ayman Abou El Kheir Character Design

This is an intermediate workshop for students that like to strengthen their skills in drawing and design of characters for animation, storytelling, comics or other purposes
The final project of this Workshop is creating a whole cast of characters to a certain story
See Workshop Outline.

max. 15 Students in major studies with experience in drawing, or highly motivated and talented beginners. Reservation will be through mail or direct contact
6. Mona Diab and Bernd Dudzik GizmoNetics | Creating an audio-visual performance environment

Latest with the introduction of the Microsoft Kinect in late 2010, gestural-based interaction with computer systems has left the domain of science fiction for good and became accessible to a broad audience. The participants of this workshop will explore the potential of this technology through creating digital puppets in an audio-visual performance environment. Initially participants will explore everyday objects in the search for interesting sounds, which then will be used as an inspiration to design the visual appearance of their puppets. Through skeleton tracking, users will be capable of taking control over their creation and experiment with this unique kind of instrument.

max. 8
In order to take part in the workshop, interested participants have to be at least in the 3.Semester and have to write a short (1-2 paragraphs) email to stating why they want to join. This should include their skills and prior experiences in at least one of the following domains: Sound Design, Illustration, Character Animation or Interactive Programming.

Workshop outline

7. Hoda Hamouda Information Design in Motion

Giving different kind of data, the participants will be asked to visually design information in a clear, simple and understandable way. Then they will be asked to animate it, after being introduced to the basic tools that allow them to visualize and put in motion information in after effects.

max. 12 open to media students familiar with After Effects or graphic students who attended "Information Design" course with Alex Tibus
8. Alex Essen Capture Footbag Movements

This workshop is about capturing and visualizing movements of an exemplary sport called "FOOTBAG". The participants will:

  • Produce a selfmade footbag
  • Learn some basic tricks
  • Record their moves as a video, then select essential keyframes
  • Transform those keyframes into a pictographic / illustrative sequence
max. 10 Preconditions: Sport shoes and basic Photoshop experiences are recommended, but no obligation.
9. Mikala Hyldig Dal Making things move

In this workshop you will obtain a basic understanding -a feel- of the process of animating images. We will work with practical, hands-on, analogue exercises to manipulate inanimate objects into movement.

To the topic of “R/Evolution” we will experiment with the technique of Stop-Motion using photography and video.

max. 10 none / open to all
10. Sara Moustafa Kamel Painting with Light-Photography
  • Participants will learn the basic skills of painting with light photography, using long exposure to capture moving light.
  • Painting with light photographs is a form of pure art, like painting but instead of painting with brush on canvas, we will paint with light on a sensitive medium.
  • We may describe it as: fun, creative and experimental workshop.
max. 12 none / open to all
11. John Hakiem Drama Practicing

Even from our regular talks and moves, Drama can be created. In this workshop we will practice dealing with the camera as an object in order to understand how to lead people within a film (actors, interviewers, ...)

max. 8 none / open to all
12. Remone Wahib 3D MAYA 2011

For those who are interrested in learning Modelling (Beginners level) using MAYA 2011. A three day activity will be covered from 27th to 29th of Nov. and an exibition for the work on the 1st of Dec. The activity will start from 10:45am to 3:45pm with a break in the middle.

Parts that will be covered:

  • Briefing on Maya, Getting to know the gui, Geometrical concepts and rules for modelling, First trials.
  • Model properties, Designing, picking a theme, Starting on major Models for exibition.
  • Finalizing design for exibition.
max. 8
  • Activity is for BEGINNER level students
  • Each student will bring his laptop with MAYA 2011 installed.
  • A mouse is required with the laptop
  • Reserve a place by sending me mail on, first come first serve.