Course MD 501 Winter 2018/19 - Advanced Digital Media (Real Time)


Lecturer | Alex Essen
Instructors | Remone Wahib
T.A. | Kholoud Elhelaly | Ahmed Sherif

“People crave comfort, people crave connection, people crave community.” - Marianne Williamson

Group 1 - 3 | Lectures: Sunday (2nd Slot) | D5.201
Group 1 | Tutorial and Practical: Tuesday (2nd to 4th Slot) | D5.105
Group 2 | Tutorial and Practical: Wednesday (2nd to 4th Slot) | D5.105
Group 3 | Tutorial and Practical: Thursday (1st to 3rd Slot) | D5.105

Project description

Under the umbrella "BRANDING EGYPT", this course will give an overview about creating concepts within the media technology called “arduino”. The project outcome is a media concept and also a particular realization, which are based on IPO (Input, Processing, Output) and fitting helpful concepts into the context of supporting the Egyptian everyday life.

Objectives & Structure

The course is divided into lectures (theoretical concept part) and practical (tutorials, examples and coding for arduino). The theoretical part trains the students to find an useful application (potential) or problem (and solution) in order to create a solid media design concept. The practical part will train the students to realize their concepts into an actual realized project, which will be a concept presentation and prototype in the end of semester.

Project aims

In this course students learn how to generate interactive media concepts. In the lectures as well as in the practicals they will comprehend examples of arduino environments, games and other, abstract examples of Interaction Design and other IPO-media in order to create and improve useful projects and their presentations.


Week Title Details Downloads / Info
Wednesday, 12.09.2018 Introduction LECTURE 01: About the course / Media Design / Briefing for Assignment #1: "QR-Code" Start of Lectures

Download LECTURE 01-1
Download LECTURE 01-2 (Assignment #1: “QR Code”)

Wednesday, 19.09.2018 Presentation of assignment #1, pt.I Presentation of assignments in the Tut slots (instead of Lecture on Wednesday) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Sunday, 23.09.2018 2 Lectures LECTURES 02.1 and 02.2: Lectures: Sensors, senses, IPO Game / Bionic / Briefing for Assignment #2: IPO Idea Download LECTURE 02-1, (Assignment 2: “IPO Idea”)

Download LECTURE 02-2

Tuesday-Thursday, 25.-27.09.2018 Presentation of rest of assignments #1, pt.II Presentation of assignments in the Tut slots Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Tuesday-Thursday, 02.-04.10.2018 Group consultation of assignments #2: "IPO Idea" (group work: two students per group) https://tinyurl.com/ydevnu3p Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Sunday, 07.10.2018 no teaching 6th of October -
Tuesday-Thursday, 09.-11.10.2018 Presentation of assignments #2: "IPO Idea" (group work: two students per group) - -
Tuesday-Wednesday, 16.-17.10.2018 Presentation of assignments #2: "IPO Idea" (group work: two students per group) LECTURE 03: About "Design" and "Serendipity" / Briefing for Assignment #3: "Final Idea / Mindmap" Download LECTURE 03

Download DETAILS for Mindmap / Assignment 03

MIDTERM WEEK no teaching - -
Tuesday-Thursday, 30.10.-01.11.2018 Group consultation "Final Idea with Mindmap" (group work: three students per group) In office -
Tuesday-Wednesday, 6./7.11.2018 Presentation of assignments #3: "Final Idea with Mindmap" (group work: three students per group) Inclass, 2nd slot -
Sunday, 11.11.2018 Semester summary, Lecture, Final Specs LECTURE 04: About "Vitruv: Good Design" and "Usability" Download LECTURE 04
Tuesday-Wednesday, 13./14.11.2018 Work on the Usability chapter of your final project PDF Inclass, 2nd slot Start for that as homework already, bring into class
Tuesday-Wednesday, 20./21.11.2018 Work on storyboard for video Inclass, 2nd slot -
Tuesday-Wednesday, 27./28.11.2018 Work on Final Presentation (video) Inclass, 2nd slot -