Course MD 501 Winter 2015/16 - Advanced Digital Media (Real Time)


formerly: "INTERNET OF THINGS 2016"

Lecturer | Alex Essen
Instructors | Remone Wahib
Teaching Assistant | Lamiaa Diab
Junior Teaching Assistant | t.b.a.

“Any fact becomes important when it's connected to another.” - Umberto Eco

Here is the TIMETABLE for the exhibition days (and download of TEMPLATE)

Please note:

- Your big day of presentation (incl. video) will be on SATURDAY or SUNDAY (group-timetable will follow soon).

- We start grading your poster and prototype as soon as poster and prototype are handed in.

- All submissions and the set up will be in the Exhibition Hall.

THURSDAY: SET UP / Submission (poster, prototype, video).

FRYDAY: SET UP / Emergency treatment.

SATURDAY: Exhibition day 2nd, 3rd, 4th slot / Video presentation (group-timetable will follow soon).

SUNDAY: Exhibition day 2nd, 3rd, 4th slot / Video presentation (group-timetable will follow soon).

MONDAY: SET OFF / Leaving the best projects in a small corner of the Exhibition Hall.

Here is the template for the scientific poster (Note: you have to install the attached fonts “DIN” first): http://www.guc-md.com/uploads/Main/20151215_TEMPL_SmartSolu_SciPoster%20Folder.zip

We wish you a lot of power and patience for the finishing of the projects.

Please ask us, if you have any questions.

Stay calm / rock on!

Group 1 and 2 | Lectures: Sunday (3rd Slot) | H7
Group 1 | Tutorial and Practical: Tuesday (1st to 3rd Slot)
Group 2 | Tutorial and Practical: Wednesday (1st to 3rd Slot)

Project description

This course will give an overview about creating concepts within the media technology called “arduino”. The project outcome is a media concept and also a particular realization which are based on IPO (Input, Processing, Output). The aimed connectivity of physical inputs by sensor technology gives this course the name "Internet of Things", as the second version (2016) of this course series.

Objectives & Structure

The course is divided into lectures (theoretical concept part) and practical (tutorials, examples and coding for arduino). The theoretical part trains the students to find an useful application (potential) or problem (and solution) in order to create a solid media design concept. The practical part will train the students to realize their concepts into an actual realized project, which will be a concept presentation and prototype in the end of semester.

Project aims

In this course students learn how to generate interactive media concepts. In the lectures as well as in the practicals they will comprehend examples of arduino environments, games and other, abstract examples of Interaction Design and other IPO-media in order to create and improve useful project and their presentations.


Week Title Details Downloads
1 Introduction LECTURE 01: Lecturer, Media, Course Outline Start of Lectures


2 Interactive Media LECTURE 02: QR-Code; Assignment: "QR-Code campain" Lecture and assignment "QR-Code campain" (see page 33 - 38)

Lamiaa portfolio

3 Eid Consultations with Lamiaa, Email or D2.106
4 Presentation of Assignment "QR-Code campain" 27.09.2015, assignment according to LECTURE 02 (see page 33 - 38)
5 Interactive Media / Physical Computing LECTURE 03: SENSORMAN: About Senses and Sensors; Examples for Interactive Design and Internet Of Things.

Assignment: Create an idea, same principle as "The Input/Output-Game", see 01.6 (page 76)

Lecture and Assignment "Input/Output-Idea", see 01.7 (page 79)


6 Presentation of Assignment "Input/Output-Idea" Presentation on 11.10.2015, D2.105

3rd slot (12.30pm)

Assignment "Input/Output-Idea" according to LECTURE 03, see 01.7 (page 79)

7 MIDTERM WEEK: No Lecture, but Assignment Creating and presenting ideas for an idea pool, in order to pitch cooperation project ideas together with students of Product Design (PD) Department, 5th semester Assignment "Input/Output: WEARABLE" according to ASSIGNMENT "WEARABLES", see last page of ASSIGNMENT EXAMPLE
8 Presentation of Assignment "Input/Output: WEARABLE" Presentation on 25.10.2015, 3rd slot (1230 pm), H7 -
9 Presentation of remaining Assignment "Input/Output' and "WEARABLE"; Handing in of "Mindmap-Homework"
Presentation on 01.11.2015, 3rd slot (1230 pm), H7 "Mindmap-Homework", according to HOMEWORK "MINDMAP"

Example for Mindmap

Link for program "freemind"

10 Design Concepts LECTURE 04: Vitruv: Good Design / Gamification LECTURE 04


11 Final project proposal presentation. Group building Presenting problems, potentials and ideas for an idea pool, in order to pitch cooperation projects together with students of PD -
12 Final project presentation on conference 9.11.2015; Idea pool in cooperation with PD; Group building Presenting problems, potentials and ideas for an idea pool, in order to pitch cooperation projects together with students of PD -
13 Design, Inventions and Innovations LECTURE 05: Innovations, Kondratiev Waves, Moore's Law, Video (arduino) examples for presentation LECTURE 05
14 Project development; Consultations Homework: Flowchart (logic) PRESENTATION PERSPECTIVES
15 Project development; last consultations Self organized cooperation with PD DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE SCIENTIFIC POSTER
16 HANDING IN; SETTING UP 17th of December, 2015 Self organized cooperation with PD -
17 FINAL PRESENTATIONS 19th / 20th of December, 2015 - -