Advanced Digital Media (8 SWH)

Course MD501 Christian M. Fischer, Hala Gabr, Alex Essen, Remone Wahib

Lecture Group 1 & 2 | Tue. 14.15 - 15.45 | GD Room C3 120

Tutorial Group 1 | Tue. 08.30 - 10.00 | Mac Lab

Tutorial Group 2 | Sun. 08.30 - 10.00 | Mac Lab

Practical Group 1 | Tue. 10.30 - 12.00 | MD Studio C3 101

Practical Group 2 | Thurs. 10.30 - 14.00 | MD Studio C3 101

Hybrids that can fluidly cross the chasm between technology and the arts are mutations in the academic system John Maeda

This course (formerly known as "Realtime Animation/Video") offers an introduction into fields of animation appliances. The focus is on interaction of media like 2D/3D animation and other media to generate, structure and present complex content. As a difference from the pre major studies, students will be able to bridge the gap between the design process and writing code.

The course is divided into three parts: A lecture, giving an overall introduction into state of the art media techniques in the various fields of media design. The theoretical part trains generating ideas and transforming them into Design Concepts. Hereby tools as Mindmapping, presentations and other methodologies will be tought. In the third part student will get a practical insight into (object oriented) media programming and simple 3D animation using Alice.

Keywords: Code, Digital Media, Hyper media, Animation, PD, Max/MSP, Processing, design concepts, mindmapping, X3D, Alice.

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  • X3D Project Deadline is Sunday 15 January 2012 at 11:59 pm.


Week Lecture Concept Practical Infos
18-23 Sep Introduction - Semester overview - Grading - Course Weight - Paper Introducing Systemic Design: Strategy (1), Scope (2), Sceleton (3), Structure (4), Surface (5). Introducing topic „3D-GUC“ Download FreeMind - free mindmapping software
25-29 Sep A little journey into time - a historical perspective - GUI vs Code Strategy (1): Definition „Orientation System“, target group, examples, intention of usage. Assignment: Research orientation system of „City Stars“ Introduction to Algorithmic Thinking

The Marble Answering Machine
2-5 Oct No Lecture Strategy (1). Analyses of survey „City Stars“. Starting with Scope (2): Functional specifications (which technical requirements?), Content requirement (which objects / information?) Algorithmic Thinking (2)


Download Alice 2.2 from
Important information about the paper!
9-13 Oct Just some tools - important tools for new media design (PD, Max/MSP, vvvv, Processing, Alice, ...) Scope (2) – gathering and scribbles of content; Sceleton (3) – scenario of needs – observation GUC buildung Introduction to Alice

Prepare tutorial-3 and tutorial-4 in Alice.
Pure Data, Max/MSP, vvvv, Processing, Arduino
16-20 Oct Image - generative still image design and analysis Scope (2) – Analysis of the observation Digging Deeper into Alice.

Prepare a 1.5 min to 3 min 3D environment movie with Alice.
Open Processing with examples of generative design and codes
23-27 Oct Video - generative moving image design and analysis Sceleton (3) – interaction design: user scenarios Alice Mini-Project Presentations Wow! Look at that!
30 Oct - 3 Nov Animation - there is more out there than Pixar Sceleton (3) – interaction design: user scenarios, scribbles X3D Intro (Concept, Syntax, Basic Shapes)

Download the slides X3D_Intro
6-10 Nov El Eid No teaching!
13-17 Nov Off! Structure (4) – Visualizing the structure of information. Interface- , Navigation-, and Information-Design
20-24 Nov Sound - generative sound design and analysis Surface (5) – Explicite design of content and functions X3D (DEF/USE, Texture, Lighting, Colors, Text)

Download the slides X3D-2

Assignment: Develop your first GUC scene with the basic shapes, colors, lighting...etc due on week 4-8 Dec..
SupperCollider, CSound
27 Nov - 1 Dec Activity Week 11 Various Workshops
4-8 Dec Code and Web Design Surface (5) – Explicite design of content and functions. Preparing presentation X3D in Class Exercise W3
11-15 Dec Interface Design - the web and beyond Surface (5) – Explicite design of content and functions. Preparing presentation X3D (ViewPoints, Inline, Animation, Sound, Switch)

Download the slides X3D-3
18-22 Dec Interaction Design - an introduction into everyday interaction interfaces / Hybrid Media - a journey from inspiration to zeros and ones Surface (5) – Preparing presentation / presentation (Date N.N.)
25-29 Dec no lecture Final Assignment (PDF)



Download the slides IndexedFaceSet

X3D Eavluation Schedule
The Deadline for the Paper is January 10th - 12.00p.m.! Click here for detailed information.

Course weights: Final 50, Assignments 30, Lecture Paper 20